Time for Self-Focus & Self-EmpowermentInspire you...

You turn in a circle?

You wish for more clarity & aliveness in you?

You want to lovingly communicate with you (and others)?

You want to make a change, get involved in a new project, communicate with an open heart in your relationships and encounters?


  • you are here because you somehow stuck somewhere and
  • it feels like you are spinning in a circle, in the way you speak to yourself (I'm not ... enough, I can not do that, I do not know what to do, I can not get out, I'm so ...)
  • you realize that this does not help you and you make yourself small instead to get into your power and into action.

This may show up in your parenting, in your relationships and partnerships and also professionally - in the way you like to bring yourself into the world.

Take your individual


via ZOOM- YEI!

Use the 1: 1 time to stay tuned, listen, explore your wisdom - it's your time to dream, to experience needs and to plan small inspired steps.
You get support in staying connected to the topics of the connecting communication and to your vulnerability and to the possibilities, how you want to create your life consciously and more beautiful!
At each session, we explore a way for you what you can do to take your individual, unique next step.

Hei, I am Cori

I am deeply convinced that everything in you is there, that you are perfect as you are and that you have all the answers in you - sometimes it takes the space to invite the answers. And I hold this room with you and ask questions based on Connecting Communication.

What you can do right now is to ask yourself, "What do I want?" "What do I wish for?" and "What's holding me back?". And if you want, contact me and we will discuss it in our first session.

I offer 2 options for diving deep together:

First Steps


 240 - 360 EUR

4 Sessions

Duration per Session: 60 min

Keep On


600 -900 EUR

10 Sessions

Duration per Session: 60 min

Decide for yourself what is possible and consistent for you!

It does not take much: your time, your willingness to be curious and to be open to change, a computer / tablet / mobile phone with a microphone and a camera. Oh, and stable internet. Then we can go!

If you register, you will receive an email with the link to the possible dates - in the coming months - please sign up.

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