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100%beingalive=100%love=100% allin
=100% responsibility=100% freedom

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I am soooo grateful that I discovered you on the internet and was allowed to go with you (unfortunately so far a short) way.
It is so meaningful and strengthening on my way as mom and woman.
Thank you very much!



I am immensely grateful for my decision to take this course. I can make a really meaningful contribution with these tools for more understanding and respect ... small steps ... another key to success for more ease joy to integrate serenity and finally LOVE into my everyday life. Life loves you. I love you too...




Hei, I am Cori

I am deeply convinced that everything in you is there, that you are perfect as you are and that you have all the answers in you - sometimes it takes a reminder. I am here to remind you of your own wisdom based on Connecting Communication.

It is all about Self-Empathy and Consciousness-Training - mini.inspirations - the small great things - exploring what really matters and doing small inspired steps! 

Let's keep being inspired

big LOVE

Cori Liebhart

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