invites Pierre Vigneron (FR)

Get Rid of Guilt-&Shame-Education

Plorkshop (PLay & wORK-Shop) with PIERRE VIGNERON (FR)
to connect to your inner reference and acting from a place of joy

  • Have you ever dealt with frustration by having received an education based on right and wrong?
  • Do you wish you know and act out of your place to be?
  • Do you give up on what you are longing for by being guided by guilt and shame?
  • Do you withdraw (e.g. say nothing) or submit (e.g. say "yes" while meaning "no") in situations where you wish to act differently and be assertive with what you need?

How would it be...

  • ... to move forward and get out of this inner prison of shame and guilt?
  • ... to relate with it from a place of empowerment and inner freedom by having clarity, understanding and more ability to decide and choose who you want to be in your life?
  • ... to act from your inner joy and inner reference?
  • ... to create situations where your life is juicy!?

That is possible when you participate in "Live A Juicy Life and Get Rid of Guilt- & Shame-Education"!!! 

Where you learn
... how to gain inner clarity
... to hold the inner space to go back to a place of conscious choice

When we'll meet 

on the 29th from 9.10 am (to have some tea and arriving time and start at 9.30) to 6.30 pm

and 30th of June 2019

from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Where we'll meet

@ Therapie Greißlerei

Wurlitzergasse 93/2 - 1170 Wien

bring a notebook, a practical situation to work on

What we'll explore

How to get your inner clarity in situations where you act out of guilt and shame and go back to a place of conscious choice

How much: 80 - 110 EUR (per day)

depending on what you’ll get from this workshop, your financial resources and your willingness to contribute to our work.


Go beyond feeling guilty and ashamed to acting from a place of Joy

Guilt and Shame are no feelings - they are thought-concepts about ourselves and others and moral expectations. 

If you move beyond them, you find some beautiful message - needs that want to be seen.

Let's dive in together and explore situations in your life, when you react in guilt and shame and out of habit, instead of free choice - to get your power back!

Your Trainer

Pierre Vigneron (FR)

Couples- und Family Mediator, Psychotherapist, Musician

"I am a psychotherapist, receiving my training in France in 1999, encountiering unformal practice of Nonviolent Communication in Thich Nhat Hanh monastery in France. When I met this approach formally in 2014, by being involved in real practice group and workshop trainings it revolutionized my vision of inner transformation and well being.

I receive and intensive training of more then 500 h specialized in the use of NVC for inner healing and many more on the living process of NonViolent communication specifically with Robert Gonzales (Phd, certified trainer).

I combine those approach as well, with my practice of medidation and inner silence, to really live this process at the physical level, where genuine transformation truly happen, to live a more juicy life."

Your Host

Cori Liebhart

Peace Researcher, Soulpreneur, Musician

"I got to know NVC in 2008 and since then I am on the path of constantly practicing, sharing, creating and co-creating. I work mainly in the “online-world”, offering online-communication-trainings on topics like parenthood, shame/guilt/vulnerability, small inspired steps… I also offer one-on-one compassion sessions, monthly group sessions called LAB. I create a lot of free content as “mini-inspirations” for reminding that you have all the qualities inside you need to create a life and relationships you truly want and that we are all imperfectly perfect.

One of my biggest passions and learning field is facilitating conflicts with Restorative Circles and mediation a la nvc. I like to be supportive in seeing conflicts as part of being alive and as a chance to explore something beautiful and important, not as something we have to reject and be fearful of.

NVC for me is peacework, knowledge and wisdom combined, a language of all senses, consciousness-training. It is a tool for me to stay on my path, be open for the challenges of life and be present in every encounter I experience. I am mother of two boys (6 and 10)."

Cori Liebhart

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