To create a space for connection, (self-)care, self-reflection

in these times with lots of uncertainty and unpredictability,

we offer Zoom calls.
Come as you are - it is a space for compassion - welcoming whatever is alive.

Looking forward to meet you!

How it works: 

There will be a short Welcoming and then you get guiding questions to exchange in pairs.

Every person gets the presence of another person and room to express what is moved in her/him regarding the question and/or the situation within a set timeframe.

Feel heartfully invited to attend on either of those calls

What you need:

you need a stable internet connection &

device with microphone and camera (you can also join without camera)

When & Where we'll meet:


@ 15:00-16:00 (Nepal time) &

10:15-11:15 (Vienna/Berlin/Paris time)

Get the LINK & the PASSWORD for the next Call

Sign In to receive all the information you need to join (we ask for your Email because of Security Reasons - so no Algorithm can enter)

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