heartfully presents and invites


An Online-Plorkshop with PIERRE VIGNERON (FR)
to put a touch of magic in your everday life

When we'll meet 

on the 10th of June 2019

at 8 pm

Where we'll meet

Online Via Zoom - so you can join comfortably from wherever you are ;-)

What we'll explore

The Beauty of Needs in Situations where we cannot see them easily

Our request for your investment: 28 EUR

Celebration enables the connection to abundance for free


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Who does not experience ever phases when everything seems to be "Not Enough" and "Too Few"?

It can be loooong phases and sometimes become a permanent state of being.

AND there is something we can do to transform into a life of ABUNDANCE - to shift our attention - and make an art of living

Jep! - Celebration it is :-)

What it is about

For the celebration plorkshop there’ll be four focus on different type of celebration.

In NVC there is a need focus orientation for celebration, it enables two things :

  1. first to reset the brain
  2. second it changes our neuronal patterns, we produce dopamine which is the hormon of happiness. And it creates abundance, but an abondance that is already there and that does not cost anything.

Just to focus on it : «attention goes where energy flows»

what does it mean ? It means that where I put my focus, it grows, like a garderner, I can select which plant I want to see growing in my inner garden, and it is very powerful.

It is transforming habitual tendencies that tend to make us see the world with only a unique, non healty pattern.

Gratitude and celebration is a medecine and a way of living.

The difference in NVC is that we focus on need which make a big difference, having an enquiry enable me to be aware, to know, what can I do to make my life more beautiful.

Marshall Rosenberg had this vision of a living applied spirituality. Celebration is part of it. In an Intensive training we do it every day. And hearing the celebration of others enables us to receive inspiration, which creates a virtuous circle. We could call this practice the art to create virtous circle.

Your Trainer

Pierre Vigneron (FR)

Trainer, Musician, Couples- und Family Mediator, Psychotherapist

"I got to know NVC in the year 2000 at first, in the monastry of Thich Nhat Hanh in France where we train ourself in loving speech. Then I dive into practical training in the year 2014, and have done many intensive NVC schools. One in France relation NVC healing process for therapeutic purpose, two years in Germany with Robert Gonzales, a genuine and deeply experimented US trainer.

For me, in my life practice I went at a point where I was stuck between my ideal from one side and the way I embodied them at that time in my spiritual longing. Then NVC have given me practicals tools to really support the incarnation of my deepest values in this world.To me it mean hope, action, passion and compassion at the same time."

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