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Sprititual Practice in NVC (Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg) 

What does Celebration mean?

Choosing joy can be scary.

Do you allow yourself to take decisions with the intention of joy-experiencing?

What prevents you from doing so?

What are you afraid of, when you become fully joyfulfilled?

In our society, we tend to pay attention to mistakes/imperfections, to others and to ourselves (inner critic, perfectionist, devaluer). 

It can be a radical shift for one's well-being and caretaking for our relationships to look at the things/actions/words in yourself and others that have enriched life (celebrating life).

NVC (Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg) 

is for a spirituality of the imperfect, taking into account that we are perfectly imperfect in every moment.

Life is a growth process or a path with many detours. We do something that meets our needs all the time,

but rarely realize it and easily take it for granted.

Celebration is a practice to refocus our attention - to connect with what is there, inside of us and also on the outside.

It goes even deeper by connecting to the needs that are met and how we feel by having them met.

Celebration can reveal our deep beingness and let us connect to our core.

Come to feel the power of Celebration and all the magic it can bring into your life!

Here we go: Part 1,2 and 3 of the 4 part Series about Thanks Power - the last one will follow!
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When we'll meet 

we will provide on

Saturday 30th of January


at 9:00am to 12:30pm (CET)

& 14:30pm to 18:30 (CET)

Where we'll meet


you can participate via Zoom or come to my private apartment in the 18th district of Vienna (close to AKH)- I send you the address as soon as you register

(we have made some good experiences with this format during this year and want it to deliver it to you as well 💛)

What we'll explore

Going deep, meeting beauty, to live it, and to celebrate the flow of life.

Price:  40-85 EUR (for the whole day) &

30 - 45 EUR (for the half day)

we offer a

vegetarian french cuisine lunch menu for 10 EUR for you - if you come live only of course 😊

(if it helps you to relax with the food - just let us know your choice, when you register)

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Make CELEBRATION an ART OF LIVING - needed more than ever

Who does not experience ever phases when everything seems to be "Not Enough" and "Too Few"?

It can be loooong phases and sometimes become a permanent state of being.

AND there is something we can do to transform into a life of ABUNDANCE - to shift our attention - and make an art of living

Jep! - Celebration it is :-)

What it is about

For the celebration plorkshop there’ll be four focus on different type of celebration.

In NVC there is a need focus orientation for celebration, it enables two things :

  1. first to reset the brain
  2. second it changes our neuronal patterns, we produce dopamine which is the hormon of happiness. And it creates abundance, but an abondance that is already there and that does not cost anything.

Just to focus on it : «attention goes where energy flows»

what does it mean ? It means that where I put my focus, it grows, like a garderner, I can select which plant I want to see growing in my inner garden, and it is very powerful.

It is transforming habitual tendencies that tend to make us see the world with only a unique, non healty pattern.

Gratitude and celebration is a medecine and a way of living.

The difference in NVC is that we focus on need which make a big difference, having an enquiry enable me to be aware, to know, what can I do to make my life more beautiful.

Marshall Rosenberg had this vision of a living applied spirituality. Celebration is part of it. In an Intensive training we do it every day. And hearing the celebration of others enables us to receive inspiration, which creates a virtuous circle. We could call this practice the art to create virtous circle.

Your Trainers

Pierre Vigneron (FR)

Trainer, Musician, Couples- und Family Mediator, Psychotherapist

"I got to know NVC in the year 2000 at first, in the monastry of Thich Nhat Hanh in France where we train ourself in loving speech. Then I dive into practical training in the year 2014, and have done many intensive NVC schools. One in France relation NVC healing process for therapeutic purpose, two years in Germany with Robert Gonzales, a genuine and deeply experimented US trainer.

For me, in my life practice I went at a point where I was stuck between my ideal from one side and the way I embodied them at that time in my spiritual longing. Then NVC have given me practicals tools to really support the incarnation of my deepest values in this world.To me it mean hope, action, passion and compassion at the same time."

Cori Liebhart (AT)

Peace Advisor, Soulpreneur, Musician

"I got to know NVC in 2008 and since then I am on the path of constantly practicing, sharing, creating and co-creating. 2020 I worked as Peace Advisor with NVC & Restorative Practices in and for Nepal. As Soulpreneur since 2016 I am mainly active in the “online-world”, offering online-communication-trainings on topics like parenthood, shame/guilt/vulnerability, small inspired steps… I also offer one-on-one compassion sessions, monthly group sessions called LAB. I create a lot of free content as “mini-inspirations” for reminding that you have all the qualities inside you need to create a life and relationships you truly want and that we are all imperfectly perfect.

NVC for me is peacework, knowledge and wisdom combined, a language of all senses, consciousness-training. It is a tool for me to stay on my path, be open for the challenges of life and be present in every encounter I experience. I am mother of two boys (7 and 11)."

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